As your parent’s age, it’s hard to see them struggle with day-to-day things that were so easy when they were younger. However, your senior parents may find it hard to reach out and ask for help. Therefore, it is your job to recognize the signs and move them to an assisted living facility where they receive the freedom and care they deserve in their old age. 

Here are some signs that tell you it’s time to consider assisted living for a senior family member. 

Chronic health problems

If your senior parents have chronic health problems like diabetes, arthritis, and coronary heart disease, know that these often ‌worsen‌ with time. The elderly require more care and attention as they age if they suffer from such conditions. An assisted living setting can provide them with the required level of care.

Behavioral changes

As seniors get older, they start to show behavioral changes for various reasons, including deterioration of mental and physical health. One of the most common biobehavioral changes you might notice is aggression. It can be an early sign of dementia. Other symptoms include frequent forgetfulness and preferring isolation over anyone’s company.

Inability to take care of self

As old age takes over the elderly, they find it difficult to do basic tasks that involve self-care, such as taking a bath or brushing their hair. Cooking meals or doing laundry also becomes hard. It happens due to age-related loss of natural cognitive abilities. At this point, assisted living can help them take care of themselves better. 


If you notice that your elderly parent becomes more agitated and difficult to care for by the end of the day, it can be an early symptom of dementia. It’s challenging to handle them and calm them down in such situations. If this happens quite often, you may need additional help from trained professionals. Assisted living has trained staff and nurses to calm the elderly and provide them with the necessary care. 

Wandering off

Memory loss is a common problem among the elderly. Sometimes it’s due to amnesia or simply because of old age. But because of the loss of memory, elderly members can go out of their homes and wander off without telling anyone. 

If you notice this happening, it is time to think about assisted living for your elderly family members. 

Assisted living facilities have additional security such as CCTV cameras, guards, and extra locks to ensure that the residents don’t leave the facility without anyone knowing.

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