Old age is hard— the stigma that it carries with it prevents many older people from accepting the problems that come with it and accepting help when given. However, you can often notice the signs in your parents that show they fail to take care of themselves physically and mentally.  And this is the time when you want them to move to an assisted living facility.

However, your parents may resist the help you offer. Here are five tips to help them accept outside help.

Try to identify their reason for refusal

Older adults can have a hard time dealing with various problems, including physical and mental diseases and the grief of separation from their spouse and children. However, your parents may often try to hide their feelings from you. Try to talk to them and understand the real reason behind their refusal and find a way around it. 

Make it about yourself

People often say to their parents that it is for their benefit. And somehow, your parents may resist the idea even more, when they believe that statement. The best way to turn this around is to make the conversation about you. Tell them you need this much more than they need it. It will give you peace of mind to know that they are cared for when you are not there for them due to work or some other reason.

Get professional help

If all your conversations and tactics take a downhill turn, then maybe it’s time to seek some professional help. Your parents may listen to a person of authority whom they trust. Persuade your parents to talk to an expert regarding the same. It can be their doctors, friends, neighbors, social workers, or even a religious figure.

Give them options

One of the primary reasons your parents may fight assistance is the belief that they will lose all their freedom. Giving them various options, including assisted living, residential living, and nursing homes and explaining to them that they can choose the level of care and support they need can make them more malleable to accepting help.

Start small

Sending your parents to assisted living one fine morning of your choice can turn their life upside down. It may also create a wedge in your relationship that may never fill. Try easing them into help by making small changes such as hiring house help. You can also help them with groceries and or help them join a fitness class. Such small changes will help them accept that they can benefit from the help you offer.

And even after that if they stay firm on their decision, accept it and give them all the help you can offer without pushing their limits. And be there for them when they need you and change their mind.

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