Your senior parents or the elderly often struggle with leading an everyday life, as their bodies and minds do not have the strength of the youth. Assisted living facilities services are safe places for the elderly to have a fulfilling time during the golden period of their lives. However, the level of care that every elderly person requires depends on their physical and mental condition. Knowing the different levels of care can help you determine the right one for your senior parents. 

Read on to know the different levels of care you can get for the elderly at assisted living facilities.

Level 1 care

It is the lowest level of care senior citizen living facilities offer to their residents. It involves minimal help with day-to-day activities. It is best for seniors who can take care of their personal hygiene and other basic needs. However, they may require assistance with tasks that require strength or skill, such as getting out of the bathtub or taking meds on time. 

Level 2 care

The second level of care in assisted living facilities is for seniors who require more one-on-one care. If the elderly find it troubling to take care of essential daily activities such as bathing, shaving, or getting dressed, they can get hands-on assistance with those and more individualized care if you opt for this level. 

Level 3 care

The third level of care is assisted living facilities’ highest level of care. It is for patients with severe health problems like memory loss and physical impairments. Such patients get hands-on assistance with daily activities and additional help to overcome their impairments and memory loss issues due to diseases like Dementia or Alzheimers. 

Determining the right choice

Before entering an assisted living facility, your senior members will be asked to undergo a ‘needs assessment.’ The assisted living facility staff take the assessment to determine what level of care would be best suited for them. You may also have to submit a medical professional’s report regarding their health issues and specific care needs. 

Alternate options

Although assisted living facilities are well-equipped to take care of senior residents, some conditions might make staying in an assisted living facility difficult or impractical. These are patients with health conditions that require 24×7 care and medical support, such as brittle diabetes, advanced dementia and Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s disease. Seniors with such illnesses need to look for other options like a nursing home where they can receive the medical care they require. 

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