There are several benefits of moving into a senior living facility. A healthy and independent lifestyle with socialization that keeps you active and busy is perhaps the best thing about senior living facilities. However, none of this can reduce the stress of moving into a new space, leaving the place you have known as home for years. The feelings of sadness and anxiety are natural. The best way to overcome them is to prepare ahead. 

Here are some tips to help you move into a senior living facility easily.

Choose a facility that fits you

First, you must choose a facility that fits your needs. If you move into a senior residential care facility where you don’t feel safe or comfortable, you won’t be able to make preparations at ease. Look for assisted living facilities and compare your options before making a choice. 

Understand the fine print

Senior citizen living facilities will ask you to sign a contract before finalizing your residence. Read carefully and understand what you are getting into. Seek a legal advisor’s help if you feel you don’t understand anything. Sign only if you feel comfortable with all the terms and conditions. 

Fix a timeline

Having a set timeline for the move will help you make your plans accordingly. Set a date on which you will move and work out everything beforehand. Settle your chores and any other pending tasks at home beforehand so that you have time to pack and rest before the moving date. 

Downsize your belongings

Some belongings may hold sentimental value, while others can be everyday things you use. However, you would not have used certain things for quite some time, such as old clothes, books, appliances, and utensils. Packing and carrying them to the residential facility will only waste your time and money. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of them by donating them to a charity or selling them in a yard sale. 

Pack important items separately

If there are highly valuable and essential items such as jewelry, medicines, and others with you, you must pack them separately. Pack vital medication, toiletries, and additional medical items you need immediately. Keep these valuable items in a separate bag to keep them safe. 

Make your room your own

Once you move to the facility, the feeling of homesickness may hit you hard. To reduce that, you can make your room feel like home by adding personal belongings. Put pictures of your family and paintings you like in the room, as well as books that you love on the bookshelf to make the room more homely.

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