Sending your elderly parents to an assisted living facility would probably be one of the most challenging choices you’ll ever make. However, the choice must be made as it can benefit your senior parent to live a safer and healthier life. It’s natural to always be concerned about their well-being, though. Don’t worry, there are ways to ensure that your elderly loved ones get the best care at an assisted living facility.

Here’s how you can ensure that your loved ones get proper care at an assisted living facility in Minot, ND.

Visit the facility yourself

The first thing you need to do before you send your loved one to assisted living care is to visit the place yourself. When you do so, keep your eyes, nose, and ears open. Look for safety measures in the facility, such as security cameras, lighting, railings, locks, and other features. 

Also, make a note of any uninviting smells in the place. An unclean environment and negligence can cause such odors. It is a red flag if you encounter foul smells in a living facility. 

Talk to the existing residents

The best way to know whether the facility is good is to talk to the residents living there. If you find most residents happy and healthy, it is a good sign. Your parents will be well cared for. You should also talk to the staff and see if they are polite, caring, and professional. 

Ask about the meals and services

A healthy diet is essential for seniors to remain fit and maintain their cognitive abilities and immune system. Hence, you need to ensure that the facility offers nutritious meals and special meals for residents with dietary restrictions. You can ask the facility to share the meal plans or have a meal to know what’s served. 

You can also check what activities the facility staff provides help with. Most senior citizen living facilities offer laundry and help with grooming activities. 

Check for ratings and testimonials

You should always check for reviews of the facility on Google and Yelp to know how people feel about it. You can read testimonials on the website of the living facility to know what residents and other people who have used the services think about it. 

Keep in touch

Your job does not end with checking the facility before admission. After admission, ensure you regularly keep in touch with your elderly parents or grandparents through phone calls, face-time, or visiting them. Ask them if they are facing any problems and look out for signs of trauma or abuse. 

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