As per CDC, a senior is treated in emergency for a fall every 11 seconds, and 55% of these injuries happen at home. Sadly, 40% of admitted senior adults never go back to independent living. However, a few simple safety precautions can make your home safer for seniors and reduce injuries and traumas.

Here are five tips to make your home safe for seniors:

Remove all fall hazards

Tripping over something is one of the most common reasons for falls among seniors. One way to keep your seniors safe is to remove all the clutter.

  • Don’t leave toys, loose clothes, footwear, and rugs on the floor. 
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture in the room and cover the pointed corners of tables with cello tape. 
  • Avoid pulling extension cords along the floor; instead, fix them to the wall.
  • Make sure that floors are never wet.

Keep emergency numbers at hand

It is difficult for senior adults to use high-tech gadgets like smartphones and home security systems. Consider arranging a basic model telephone that has a bigger display screen for visibility. Remove cluttering apps and save emergency contact numbers on speed dial.

Fall-proof the bathroom 

Because of limited space and slippery floors, the elderly often get injured in the bathroom. To make the bathroom safer, you can adopt the following measures:

  • Install handlebars in the shower and near the toilet.
  • Put a rubber mat on the bathroom floor to prevent slipping.
  • Place a bathing chair in the shower and tub.
  • Install nightlights in the bathroom.

Ensure proper lighting

Low eyesight is a common problem among seniors, and even with glasses, they often find it hard to see clearly. Lack of light can make the situation even worse. Add new light fixtures in the darkened corners of your home, both inside and outside. Replace all the burned-out light bulbs and ensure that the light switches are easily accessible to the seniors.

Make the stairs safer

Stairs are particularly dangerous for the elderly and can cause fatal injuries in the event of a fall. Urge the senior members of your family to avoid using stairs as much as possible. However, they may still use one unthinkingly, especially when suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s or dementia. Therefore, try these tips to make the stairs safer.

  • You can install a custom stair lift inside or outside the home that makes it easier for them to move up and down.
  • Ensure that the protective railings are stable and don’t rattle or wiggle when you hold them. If they do, call for a mechanic to fix them.
  • Paint the stairs in contrasting colors to make them easily visible to the seniors. You can also add reflective taping to the edges.

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