At a certain point in your life, you may need to send a loved one into a senior living community. Though the decision is hard both financially and emotionally, finding the right type of senior living for your elderly is even more challenging. Assisted living and nursing homes are among the two most popular senior living options you can choose from. However, most people don’t know how these facilities differ. 

Read on to know how assisted living and nursing homes differ from each other. 

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a community living space where senior residents who need help can live together and have an active social life. It offers help with basic tasks such as meals, laundry, and other daily activities. It also provides various activities that seniors can participate in to stay healthy and have a good time. However, it does not provide personalized medical care or assistance. 

What are the services offered at an assisted living facility?

Various services are offered at an assisted living facility. They include:

  • Nutritious meals 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Help with medication, bathing, laundry, and grooming.
  • Outings and transportation facilities to theaters or museums or any other public play they wish to visit.
  • Group and individual activities like sports, Zumba, painting, and others.

For whom is assisted living best?

Assisted living is best for those elderly who want to remain independent and have a social life but require help from time to time. If your elderly love socializing but do not have access to people of the same age group and find it hard to travel alone, then an assisted living facility is a good choice for them. 

What is a nursing home?

Nursing homes are senior living facilities for the elderly who require constant medical care. These facilities provide the highest level of care to your seniors if they have any medical condition that halts their ability to take care of themselves. 

Nursing homes have specific entry requirements, including a prescription, a medical diagnosis, and state approval. 

What are the services offered at a nursing home facility?

The services at a nursing home include:

  • Continuous palliative care for any serious illness.
  • Medicinal administration, including injections.
  • Rehabilitative therapies such as speech therapy, cognitive therapy, and others.
  • Routine medical checkups
  • Specific meal options that meet their dietary restrictions and nutrition requirements.
  • Increased safety features and skilled staff having medical proficiency.

For whom the nursing home is the best choice?

For seniors suffering from any chronic condition, such as The Parkinsons or MS, hinders their ability to take care of routine functions. Such seniors may need medical help immediately at any point in time. They should opt for a nursing home.

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