Many older adults fear going to an assisted living facility as they feel it’s similar to a nursing home or hospital. However, assisted living facilities are much more beneficial than healthcare facilities. Assisted living facilities have a healthy and fun environment with various amenities you may not get at home. In fact, certain facilities may put you in awe of assisted living facilities. 

Here are five amenities in assisted living facilities that will surprise you. 

Life enrichment programs

What makes living at an assisted living facility different from a hospital or a nursing home is that they give you more than just a safe place to stay and good food to eat. They also help with daily tasks the elderly might find challenging, such as laundry and grooming. They also have various activities and sports at the facility where residents can socialize with other residents or learn a new skill or hobby. 

Library with computers

Reading a book can take you places without leaving the room. In the internet era, you can read anything online. If you like the feel of an old-school hardcover, the libraries at assisted living facilities will also have those for you. The library also provides a cozy and peaceful environment to read at leisure. 

High-end dining venues

At an assisted living facility, that won’t be a problem anymore. Most assisted living facilities have unique dining venues that provide their residents with delicious and healthy food. If you have any dietary restrictions, they also consider that when preparing your food. 

Guest apartments

Moving to an assisted living facility does not mean you lose your family or cannot stay in touch with them. Assisted living homes understand this fact thoroughly and often have guest apartments for friends and family who want to visit you. 

Beauty and gift shops

A little TLC every once in a while is good for everyone, especially the elderly. Access to a gift shop or a beauty shop where you can get pampered by beauticians and buy skin care products and gifts on Christmas is another great thing about assisted living facilities. 

Private mailboxes and patios

Privacy is something we fear we will lose if we leave our homes and settle in a senior living facility. However, a lot of elderly residential facilities offer various services that ensure you have the privacy you need. Whether in the form of individual rooms, private mailboxes, or a patio where you can sit and enjoy solitude, you can get it all at a residential care facility for the elderly.

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