When you picture an assisted living facility, you think of old grannies knitting in a corner and grandpas watching tv shows on black and white TVs. However, assisted living is far from that image. Most assisted living facilities incorporate fun and engaging activities for their residents that even young people will have fun experiencing. 

Here are some fun activities that older adults do. 

Group exercises

Exercise is a great way to remain healthy and fit, regardless of age. However, exercise doesn’t have to be boring and painful all the time. Turning exercises into group activities such as yoga, Zumba, and tai chi sessions with all the residents makes it a fun event that everyone looks forward to. 

Walking clubs

Walking is another activity that can keep seniors healthy and active. Most seniors don’t like to go on strolls alone. Walking clubs allow seniors to find partners who can go for group walks. Facilities can arrange for older adults to go for walks in scenic places where they can take small hikes in nature. 

Art classes

Many seniors have spent their entire life working hard to make ends meet, taking care of their families, and creating a better life for themselves. In all that hustle, many seniors set aside their love for art. During their golden years, they can return to the joy of making art. Making creative water paintings and clay pots can rejuvenate the spirit of senior residents. 

Live music

Music is the food for the soul, and today’s seniors are part of a generation that has witnessed the revolution of music. Live music sessions by residents and local artists at the facilities often turn into lively evenings that everyone can rejoice and be a part of. Add a bit of dancing to the mix and food to create an amazing atmosphere. 

Pet therapy

Being near animals like cats and dogs and petting them can release dopamine in people. Pet therapy can liven up the lives of seniors who feel lonely as they feel happy cuddling and spending time with loving pets. 

Spa days

Self-care is essential to self-love, and its importance increases with age. Seniors can relax and rejuvenate in spa sessions with facials, massages, and saunas.

Learning and education

Learning never stops, and learning a new skill in this advancing world is a great way to keep an old mind sharp and alert. Seniors can also take classes and educational courses to enhance their knowledge. 

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